Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Problem adding Keywords and Best Bets programmatically in MOSS 2007

I was writing a small Windows application for a customer to create keywords and best bets using a CSV file and experienced a weird problem. I used the code published here by Stefan Goßner as a starting point, which successfully added the keywords to the Manage Keywords UI in Site Collection Administration, but when I tried to search on one of the keywords, no best bets were shown in the search results.

The format of the CSV file was, as follows:

Keyword name, Synonyms (semi-colon delimited), Best bet URL

For example: Acme Primary School, Acme;Acme School;Acme Primary,

The code I used to create the keywords was:

keywords.AllKeywords.Create(keywordTerm, DateTime.Today.AddHours(-1));
keywords.AllKeywords[keywordTerm].BestBets.Create(objBestBet.ToString() + " Profile", "Full school profile for " + objBestBet.ToString(), new Uri(objUrl.ToString()));

I then found that if I clicked on one of these keywords in the Manage Keywords UI and clicked OK without changing anything, the search for that keyword worked. I eventually discovered that SharePoint didn’t like adding the semi-colon delimited synonyms as a single string and that they needed to be created separately. Therefore, I changed the code to below, using the semi-colons to split the string up into an array of separate synonyms, which worked:

keywords.AllKeywords.Create(keywordTerm, DateTime.Today.AddHours(-1));
//Create synonyms from semi-colon separated array
string[] synonymArray = objSynonyms.ToString().Split(new char[] { ';' });
foreach (string synonym in synonymArray)
keywords.AllKeywords[keywordTerm].BestBets.Create(objBestBet.ToString() + " Profile", "Full school profile for " + objBestBet.ToString(), new Uri(objUrl.ToString()));


  1. Hi Phil,

    I too face the same problem.
    I have added only Keyword, definition & best bet but still i am not getting keyword in search.
    then if i simply edit the keyword in UI & then clickin OK, now keyword is displayed in serach.

    Kindly let me know how to solve this issue bcoz u have mentioned that u have seperated Synonyms by semicolon";" but i havn't added

  2. Hi,

    Have you updated your keywords after the changes (see last line in my code above)? The problem I was having was with synonyms, so if you haven't got any then it is probably a different issue to the one I had.


  3. Can you post a "step-by-step" for doing this with a CSV for SharePoint / FAST 2010? I'm starting to loose all my hair on this ;) Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  4. Hi Bryan - I have posted a reply to this on my PowerShell blog at


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