Monday, 16 June 2008

Problem using Created By and Last Modified By drop-down options in Advanced Search

There appears to be a bug in MOSS where the Created By and Last Modified By options do not return any results in the Advanced Search page. It appears that these fields only show results when indexing SPS 2003 content! Please have a look at the link below:

Unraveling the mysteries of SharePoint Search: Created By and Last Modified By -

There is a "workaround" to fix the Last Modified By issue at, but I have not found anything yet on Created By. Basically, you need to map the 'Office:8' and 'ows_Last_x0020_Modified(text)' crawled property to the 'ModifiedBy' managed property.

More info on the behaviour of the Author search can be found here:

It appears that when you do a search on the Author column, it takes the 'Author' document property from the Office application first - and if it's blank (or is not an office document like a PDF or SharePoint list item) - it takes the Created By property in SharePoint.