Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Getting the Document Conversions Service running on a server farm

I have two front-end Web servers and an Index server and I want to install the Document Conversions Load Balancer and Launcher service on the Index server. I chose this configuration rather than load balancing the Launcher service across the front-ends based on the recommendations in this article:, and also because resilience of the Document Conversions service was not required.

I also followed the instructions titled "Configuring document conversions in a server farm" at the bottom of this article because the registry entries did need be set manually. After doing this, the Load Balancer service started fine but the Launcher service just hang on "Starting".

I then found another article (not referenced at all in the first article) called "The Document Conversions Launcher Service status on a SharePoint Server 2007 Web front-end server displays "Starting" but does not start or stop" at I went through the instructions on this article and the Launcher service started successfully.

This article mentions the problem if you are trying to start the Launcher service on a second Web Front-End server - but in my example, I was trying to start it on the Index server.

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