Wednesday, 25 July 2007

6482, 7076, 6398, and HRESULT 0x80005006 errors on second front-end server

Intermittently getting the above errors on my second MOSS front-end server after running an MS hotfix. This server is also hosting a second instance of the Central Administration Web application for resilience purposes.

A lot of advice recommends running a .NET 2.0 hotfix to resolve, but as this was only happening on my second front-end server I wasn't convinced that this would solve the issue (also, others on the Web also found that it went away for a few days but came back again).

Followed some advice after extensive searching on the Web to remove the Central Administration Web application using the SharePoint Configuration Wizard and reinstall it back again afterwards. I have done this and so far everything works fine, although the error still may appear again in the future.